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RnR - In Wonderland
(The Seven Wonders)
  • The TRUTH Inside
  • DayLIGHT
  • Lost In LUST
  • LIFE Created
  • High On Your LOVE
  • PEACE Is
  • Fragments of TIME
RnR - In The Real World
(The Reality of Seven Sins)
  • Bittersweet DECEIT
  • Lust And LOATHING
  • DEATH Of My Heart
  • Too Late To HATE
  • Silent WARfare


Hi Everyone!

My Name's Rachael Alice and I'm a singer & songwriter based on the beautiful Gold Coast in Southeast Queensland. I'm a self confessed creative night owl... I love writing poetry and songs, creating music, art and photography. I teamed up with seasoned music producer Roberto Merlini in the year 2005 to demo some of my tracks and share some of my ideas... *RnR* (which stands for rhythm and rhymes) was born and the rest is ancient history! Our music is experimental and ambient, atmospheric and infused with European and Eastern inspirations, so hopefully we have created a unique and uplifting sound for all to enjoy. Our debut album 'In Wonderland' was officially released in 2009 and was warmly received both locally and internationally. It has been described as being a poetic and thoughtful journey. Although at times there is little to be said... There is much to be heard... The rest to be imagined...


Following the release of 'In Wonderland', I can honestly say that I've been on a creative hiatus. It took me just over three years to write, collaborate, compose and produce with Roberto, our highly anticipated (probably mostly by me really!) second album 'In The Real World', which was officially released in December 2012. The mood of this album is definitely darker, with the lyrical content and unusual soundscapes being much edgier than that of our previous release. I wrote this album intentionally to express the flip-side of this wonderland world that we live in, and each song touches on various issues and topics that we are faced with from day to day. I'm passionate about life, mother earth and our mysterious universe. There's so much more to explore, express and connect through music and art. Stay tuned... New tracks coming soon!

*Little Miss RnR*